Tom's story

Tom is an old guy with time on his hands. So he writes and tells stories.


A Few Adventures

Tom enjoys participating in something that vaguely resembles golf, figuring out how to knock down ten bowling pins in one try, dodging falling trees on walks in the woods, visiting museums, spending time with his grandson, and seeing what there is to see over the rainbow. Tom is married, has two grown children, and lives in Rhode Island.

Notwithstanding his previous lives as a Naval officer, life insurance representative, coastal planner, harbormaster of a major commercial seaport, Rainbow salesman (yes - Rainbows), square-rig sailor, air freight manager for the free world's largest freight airline, non-profit executive, adult educator, and maritime museum professional, Tom is a storyteller. At every stop along the way, he piled up a list of tales and adventures too long to ever run out of ideas for another book or oral story.


Growing up on Long Island, New York provided Tom with a great public education, regular interactions with multiple generations of family, a long list of friends, and a strong desire to discover what's beyond the next suburb.

Accomplishments & Education

Hurricane Carol; Papoose Pond, Maine; 1964-65 NY World's Fair; Expo '67 Montreal; baseball and soccer in Yankee Stadium; Philmont Scout Ranch; storm at sea; Athens, a Filipino bus ride, and lost in Hong Kong; 50 states and 54 countries; generators, F-1 race cars, penguins, and whales; Super Bowl XX; disguised in plain sight; searching for roadrunner; Mount Saint Helen's; hospital in Spain; and the list goes on.

B.S. U.S. Naval Academy; M.A. URI; Teacher Certification - Providence College; Non-Profit Management - Columbia; BSA Silver Beaver; RI Foundation Fellow;